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TM30 Law & Enforcement

August 31, 2019

A Brief guide to TM.30.

The TM30 form is an immigration requirement, it aims to ensure the proper details of
accommodation details of foreigners residing in Thailand. It is in place to provide
effective screening, and it takes immigration tracking to the residence of each individual.
It must be/should be completed by the landlord or the lessee (if the landlords is not
willing to) of a property within 24 hours of their arrival.
It is mainly relevant to the following people ( not if you are on a short Holiday, as in that
case the hotel will do)
-Those staying and renting a property
-Those staying in any type of unlicensed (as a hotel, apartment) property
-Those who own or co-own a home in Thailand (and reside there)
Crucial to remember is that this applies to any Thai individual accommodating a
foreigner in the Kingdom, but also applies to a foreigner who owns or co-owns a home in
Thailand – even if you are the solely staying in there.
If you stay in a condominium or apartment, the owner is required to register you, at least
for the very first time, but if they do not comply and your fear is rising to pay the penalty,
you should really do it by yourself as it often solves the issue quicker.
The form is also used as to provide information on tourism & can also be used to identify
foreigners who are working illegally in the country, and for those who have overstay.
Some people might feel as the world turned upside down in Thailand, but apparently it is
there to protect the country as they say– despite its lack of proper enforcement over the
years, since it was introduced 1979.
Alongside the Hotel Act of 2005, but has since expanded beyond hotels to cover
individual landlords owning properties or units that are not classified as hotels.

TM30 Law & Enforcement

Thai Government felt that it was time to enforce this law, and to include condo rentals
and other unlicensed places whom hosted guests, like on Airbnb. Also covers Thai
individuals and families who host foreign nationals.
The point is: All businesses like hotels or services apartments or individuals like
landlords offering accommodation need to report any foreigner residing on the premises
to comply with the law.
It is the landlord’s responsibility to submit the TM30, but if the landlord doesn't then the
guest should raise the issue, as it is a legal requirement, although as mentioned
sometimes the easiest way to do it yourself.
Who must be registered?
If you are on a long-stay visa and plan on extending that, immigration will require you to
submit a TM30 within 24 hours, whether by the landlord or yourself as a property owner,
or as a tenant.
Your latest place of residence must be reported and logged in the immigration database,
in accordance with Section 37 (2) of the Thailand Immigration Act of 1979, so basically
everyone who is not on a short stay( 30 day visa exempt) must do it to comply with the

TM30 Requirements.

To report your stay, you'll need the following:
-Copy of Rental Agreement, or land sale contract
-Copy of Foreign Passport (Information Page, Arrival Stamp, Departure Card TM.6)
The landlord will need the following to report:
-Application form completed TM.30
-Copy of ID of the House Owner
-Copy of the House or Condo registration
Each time visiting Thailand a TM30 needs to be filed, because your arrival number will
change, as well if you travel within and you are on a hotel stay, as your hotel will file your
details to immigration upon check in, once you are back home you should be reporting
You could be fined if you are about to do your 90-day reporting and a TM30 hasn't been
filed since your arrival, back at your original address.
The fine for not reporting is 2000 Baht / person.
Online Registration
You can report online, assuming that it works, as in many cases foreigners or home
owners are reporting that they waited even up to 6 weeks to get their log in details.
Good luck for all of us, reporting in time!